Saturday, February 27, 2010


People have been going for days about the fact that Tilikum the killer whale (not a whale, for the record - orcas are dolphins) went off and killed this woman at Sea World. 'What would cause this animal to do this?' they say.

Really? Are you fucking kidding me?

It's a fucking wild animal. Sure, it's trained and all that shit, but it's still WILD. Think about it like this - human beings are the MOST domesticated animals on the planet, and we still flip out and get crazy all the time. Civilization can not take all The Wild out of any animal, humans included.

Those beautiful dolphins have no place in giant tanks in Sea World, jumping through hoops or whatever for our fucking entertainment. And we have NO right getting all indignant and surprised that this happens. It should happen more often - it gives me some small bit of hope that humanity will learn a lesson, and that maybe we can return to the path we once walked.

People that think that Tilikum should be "put down" ought to seriously consider why that's the case, because there is not one good argument for that proposal.