Thursday, May 5, 2011

Osama bin Laden as Teacher

Osama bin Laden is now dead, according to the always-trustworthy US government/military.  Well, let's now sing the fucking praises of the military and our wonderful country.


The irrational and fanatical jingoism and false patriotism have been running rampant since the president confirmed that bin Laden was killed on Sunday, and it has just confirmed to me that our country is more fucked up than anyone really thinks. Yeah, the economy is bad; people are without jobs, without health care, without hope. But that's not even a half of it. The biggest problem here, as with anywhere, is how stupid and easily swayed by governmental propaganda these fucking people are.

Bin Laden is dead and we're fucking celebrating in the streets. 'An Obama victory! No, an American victory. A victory for the war on terror, and a victory for FREEDOM!!!'

Forget the fact that the raid on bin Laden's compound was a direct violation of Pakistan's national sovereignty. 'Those damned sand-niggers knew he was there! We should invade Pakistan now and teach them towelheads a lesson.'

Forget the fact that bin Laden should have been captured and taken before the International Criminal Court, and given an honest trial for his crimes. 'Motherfucker got what he deserved, Obama finally did the right thing. Can't call him soft on terrorism now!'

I get it. Bin Laden was responsible for the deaths of many people. But we STILL haven't heard the other side of the story. 'We heard his side. He screamed death to America, and wanted us all dead. End of story.'
Well, no, not really. That's only the end of the story for the feeble-minded. Yeah, he wanted to destroy America. But has anyone taken a second to listen to WHY he wanted to destroy America?Sadly, no.

Bin Laden may have been motivated in part by a perversion of Islamic doctrine. But he was also motivated by logic and reason. He and his people have watched as American military bases have become just part of the landscape of the Middle East, and really, of the whole world (especially in the third world). He has watched thousands of his own people die at the hands of America and its terrorist foreign policy. 9/11 was horrible, but guess what? It happens in the third world, and particularly in the Middle East (and even more particularly, in the occupied Palestinian territories) all the time. Innocent people have their lives destroyed everyday in Palestine, where the US-supported and -funded Israeli regime(s) continues to violate international law (and common sense and compassion) and encroach upon Palestinian territory with their settlements. What the US did in Fallujah was so obvious a terrorist attack that it can't even be comprehended by the mind... we go in, expel everyone except the military-age males, and level the city.  Bin Laden had every right to fight back. I'm not sure I agree with his methods, but fuck, if I lived over there, I'd be strapping the bomb to my chest too.

'We're the damned U.S. of A. We can do what we want, we're the world's only superpower. We've got the moral high-ground, we're the only country with the power to stop terrorism and to bring these suspect regimes to justice.'

Actually... no. Not even close. We forfeited the moral high-ground long ago. If you want to stop terrorism, stop engaging in it. The US created bin Laden. When he died, he actually did meet his maker. He may be dead now, but there are more where he came from. A lot more. What the fuck is it gonna take to make people realize this? It's fucking fact.

Maybe we need another 9/11. Fuck maybe we need 3, 4... 10 more, to make people stop in their tracks and re-evaluate, to make people think "What the hell are we doing wrong." They don't hate us because of our freedoms. They hate us for what we've done.

'Fuck that, I'm proud to be an American.'

Good for you, knuckle-dragger - when you die you can be buried in your wooden box with a flag wrapped around it. I hope it feels good. I'm not proud to be an American; in fact, I've never been more ashamed. You see, I have this ability to think reasonably and rationally; you apparently do not.

Look in the mirror, America. Look hard and long, because until you change your ways, the cycle continues. Stop these fucking illegal and unjust wars. Stop spreading your fucked up consumerist, capitalist, corporatist ideology. Get your boot off the throat of the third world.

Maybe then we can stop living in a culture of fear.


  1. well said sir, both were wrong imo, Bin Laden was an absolute mind-fuck savage who he was trying to kill anyone he thought they were against him or their deviant islamic-doctrine and so-called symbol of freedom and peace OBAMA in the other hand reacted to BIN LADEN's 9/11 massacre in the worst way possible .by killing him !!!! i mean he was dead for everyone and OBAMA just put the gas on the burning ashes and now we must wait for the consequences

  2. Harold I think you should definitely check out a documentary series called "The Power of Nightmares" by a brilliant british documentarian, Adam Curtis. It is a truly insightful look at the relationship between the US neo-cons and the radical islamists and how the current political climate evolved. It (along with all his series) can be downloaded for free from Check it out!

  3. well dude, looks like you can't run for president anymore!

  4. I pissed that away years ago, in a variety of ways.