Saturday, September 24, 2011

An Encounter With the Feral Inspires a Message to Civilization.

You're going to think that I'm crazy. You're going to say that my eyes deceive me, that my mind was playing tricks on me. But I know what my eyes saw, if only for a few seconds...

Driving through the suburb of North Greenbush today, 4 North American Grey Wolves ran across the road in front of my car (only 15 feet or so in front of me) into a dense wooded area. It is possible that they were coyotes, I suppose - I guess I must concede that. But I really think these were wolves. I've seen coyotes up close before, and never felt like this. I have been possessed by an incredibly primal, feral energy since I saw them - one that I've never felt before.

There is something inside of me now that is wild and unrestrained. These words ultimately fail to accurately describe what this is burning inside me, but I suspect the words for this don't exist. If they do, I don't know them. My spirit is possessed by that which is feral, animal... I am the embodiment of unrepentant love and unfulfilled hunger...

From that, I get this:

Your walls cannot hold  or restrain me. Your power can quell neither my spirit nor my voice. Your machines cannot tame me. Your disease, your sickness - your psychosis - cannot break me down. Your will can oppress me no longer.

I am the animal-man. I am the spirit of the feral and I will fear you no longer. Continue to push me, and I will destroy you.

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